Plough Mixer

Plough Mixer is a high speed mixer with high homogeneity. During the mixing process, the raw materials are transferred around the drum in a radial, lateral and longitudinal movement by the high speed plough shears and choppers. Moreover, the mixing time is short, especially for free flowing powders or granules. Liquid additive and Heating or Cooling is also applicable.

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Standard Features:

  • Volume: 100-20000L
  • Stainless Steel or Carbon Steel
  • Plough agitator for center discharge
  • Designed for normal temperature and normal atmospheric pressure
  • Feed Nozzle
  • Dust Nozzle
  • Manually operated or Pneumatic operated flap valve
  • Packing Seal
  • Safety limit switch on inspection door

Optional Features:

  • Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel 304, Stainless Steel 316L
  • Different type of plough according to material characteristics
  • Internal pressure
  • Sanitary type construction
  • Flap valve, butterfly valve, slide gate valve, ball valve
  • Horsepower to suit higher density materials
  • Explosion-proof motors
  • Controls such as variable frequency drives, motor starters and operator stations are available
  • Spray nozzles for liquid introduction
  • Jacket for heating or cooling


Chemical, Food, Animal Feed, Pharmaceutical, Fertilizer, Plastic, Epoxy Resin, Pesticide, Cosmetic, Building Material, Metal, Plastic, Ceramic Powder, Mining Industry, Metallurgy, Pigment & Dye, Road Painting, Rare Earth

Working Principle:

In the first case the mixing shaft and the tools are horizontally installed, thus achieving, at corresponding movement, a product reaching from a loose product bed up to a mechanically generated fluidised bed. In the second case the mixing shaft is installed in vertical direction, whereby a socalled vortex is built at corresponding movement. The installation of fast-rotating chopper heads enables the mixing of products tending to lump formation. Due to the mixing tools, the material to be mixed is hereby specifically fed to the activity area of the chopper head. Besides the conventional ploughshare mixing tools a large variety of modified mixing tools is available, facilitating an optimum adaptation of the mixing tools to the individual material.


Model Total Volume Effective Volume Motor Power (KW)
 LDH-0.1  100L  40-60L  3
 LDH-0.3  300L  120-180L  4
 LDH-0.5  500L  200L-300L  7.5
 LDH-1  1000L  400L-600L  11
 LDH-1.5  1500L  600L-900L  15
 LDH-2  2000L  800L-1200L  18.5
 LDH-3  3000L  1200L-1800L  18.5
 LDH-4  4000L  1600L-2400L  22
 LDH-6  6000L  2400L-3600L  30
 LDH-8  8000L  3200L-4800L  45
 LDH-10  10000L  4000L-6000L  55
 LDH-12  12000L  4800L-7200L  55
 LDH-15  15000L  6000L-9000L  75
 LDH-20  20000L  8000L-12000L  120
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